Tech vs Abuse

For someone experiencing domestic abuse, it can feel like every aspect of their world is controlled by the abuser – and the online world is no different. Although technology can help victims to access information and support, it can also provide abusers with even more ways to threaten and control. We now live our lives online more than ever, and simply advising victims to remove themselves from social media sites isn't enough. As part of the Tech vs Abuse initiative, SafeLives undertook a six month research project to understand the potential opportunities, gaps and risks for technology in the context of domestic abuse – alongside partners ChaynSnook and Comic Relief.

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Together with Chayn and Snook, we carried out research with over 200 survivors and 350 professionals working to support those affected by domestic abuse. We looked at the ways in which technology can be a tool for an abuser, the areas where technology could help to support victims, and examples of helpful technology that already exists. 


Download the report: Tech vs Abuse

Guidance for practitioners

Our research found 90% of practitioners agree that technology is being used as a tool by perpetrators of domestic abuse – but many don't feel confident in supporting their clients to stay safer online. That's why we're developing resources to help: