Spotlight #6: LGBT+ people and domestic abuse


What the data tells us

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For this Spotlight we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Stonewall – the LGBT+ charity campaigning for acceptance without exception – as our national partner, and Galop – the LGBT+ anti-violence charity – as our specialist domestic abuse partner.

What you can expect

Our sixth Spotlight focuses on victims and survivors of domestic abuse who identify as LGBT+. Although huge strides towards equality have been made, LGBT+ communities still face additional barriers when accessing services, as well as experiencing discrimination in wider society.

We know that LGBT+ communities encompass a diverse range of people with very different identities and experiences, which is why we’ve tried to include as many different voices as we can. We’ll be exploring the different groups and intersections amongst LGBT+ people, and the different barriers they face when accessing services. We also want to hear from you: join the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #FreeToBeSafe.

Through a combination of blogs, podcasts and videos, we’ll be posting the latest research, practical resources and guidance.

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A week in the life of a specialist LGBT Idva - Sajida Bandali, Birmingham LGBT

Sexual violence in GBT relationships - Luke Martin, SafeLives associate trainer and consultant

Making domestic abuse services accessible to LGBT+ people - Aaron Slater, Service Manager at Fearless, Sacro

Supporting GBT men - The Dyn Project


Collette and Ruth from SafeLives discuss what our data says about bisexual women accessing services, and the dynamics of abuse for bisexual women. Read the transcript.

Collette speaks to Evelyn, a specialist LGBT Idva at Rise, about good practice for supporting lesbian and bisexual women. Read the transcript

Collette speaks to Jude, helpline manager at Galop. Read the transcript

Collette speaks to Millie and Iain at Galop, about risk and safety planning for LGBT+ clients. Read the transcript

Collette speaks to Justin Varney from Public Health England, about the risks faced by lesbian and bisxeual women. Read the transcript

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