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About us

We are a national charity dedicated to ending domestic abuse, for good. We combine insight from services, survivors and statistics to support people to become safe, well and rebuild their lives. Since 2005, SafeLives has worked with organisations across the country to transform the response to domestic abuse, with over 60,000 victims at highest risk of murder or serious harm now receiving co-ordinated support annually.

No one should live in fear. It is not acceptable, not inevitable, and together – we can make it stop.

Every year, nearly two million people experience domestic abuse. For every person being abused, there is someone else responsible for that abuse: the perpetrator. And all too often, children are in the home and living with the impact.

Domestic abuse affects us all; it thrives on being hidden behind closed doors. We must make it everybody’s business.

Why we became SafeLives and how we’ve started to transform the UK’s response to domestic abuse. 

Find out about our work to make families safe. And read our strategy for 2015-18. 

Read what principles we work from and what we believe.

We are grateful to the brave women who have shared their personal experiences and insights with us. This group of experts by experience came together and named themselves the SafeLives Pioneers, because they want to use their experiences and passion to change the world. 

Find out more about how we are run and how we are funded.

Who we work with to make change happen.

Want to work with us to end domestic abuse for good? Join us at SafeLives.


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