Trusts and foundations

SafeLives domestic violence and abuse support us trust and foundations When SaveLives (then Caada) was founded 10 years ago, there was an urgent need for a new approach to support victims of abuse. People working in the field knew that the existing model was not working, so the time for change was right.

So we pioneered a risk-led, practical response that focused on those experiencing high-risk abuse by combining specialist support and multi-agency resources. In 2005 this kind of wrap around support was only available to around 500 women every year. Today it is supporting around 57,000 victims of domestic abuse and their 71,000 children every year.

We are proud of the difference our work has made in the last 10 years. Improving help for high risk victims will always be part of our work. Be we have to change how the whole system deals with domestic violence. SafeLives is about making sure all families become safe, and stay safe, in the long-term. Our work will look at all victims, at all levels of risk, and their children.

How are we able to keep developing new, more powerful ways of working and sharing what works best? Most often it is the support of trusts and foundations that makes this possible.

If you’d like to support these new steps we’re taking or help us develop exciting new approaches, please get in touch with Gillian at or call 0117 403 3220.