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In a house near you a woman is desperately hoping her husband won’t attack her tonight. They’ve been married 7 years and have a son and daughter. When they first met he made her feel wonderful, but after they moved in together he began to control her money, her clothes and her social life. Now he won’t let her see her friends or her family. He first hit her when she was pregnant and now he beats her regularly. She is terrified of him and believes he will kill her if she tries to leave.

In the UK today, around 100,000 adults and 130,000 children are at risk of serious harm or death from domestic abuse. Across the country, people in all walks of life endure coercion and violence and live lives full of fear. There are children living with abuse that damages their development, their performance at school and their self-esteem.

Many of these victims aren’t getting any help at all. Many more are getting inadequate help. Please help us make sure that all victims and their children get the right help when they need it, so they can finally become safe – and stay safe.

“The support that they have offered my son and myself through quite possibly the worst period in my life has been simply amazing. The support network they created for me enabled me not only to leave the ex, but to also stand trial against him twice. With the criminal convictions he obtained and the restraining order I was granted, I finally feel free and able to move on with my life.”  

Survivor of domestic abuse

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