Resources for Marac meetings

A Marac is a regular local meeting to discuss how to help victims at high risk of murder or serious harm. A domestic abuse specialist (Idva), police, children’s social services, health and other relevant agencies all sit around the same table. They talk about the victim, the family and perpetrator, and share information. The meeting is confidential.

Together, the meeting writes an action plan for each victim. They work best when everyone involved understands their roles and the right processes to follow. We call these meetings Maracs, but they are also referred to as a multi-agency risk assessment conference.

That’s what this section is for – to give detailed guidance, tools and tips to help your Marac keep as many high-risk victims as possible safe.

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Detailed guidance on what happens at a Marac and your role in it

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Find out about the help offered through our Marac development programme. 

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