Get your company involved

Domestic violence and abuse family business fundraiseWhen businesses get involved in supporting our work, the benefits aren’t just one way. It can have a fantastic impact on our vital work to change the lives of victims of domestic abuse and their families – but equally it can produce powerful and long lasting benefits for your staff, your brand and many other aspects of your business:

  • Show potential customers you’re trustworthy and good to do business with
  • Strengthen a sense of community and team spirit within your staff
  • Develop a stream of great PR stories
  • Network with other business owners and senior staff
  • Give employees pride in themselves and the company

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to get your company involved in supporting our work.

Please contact our head of fundraising on 020 7922 7891 or email to discuss ways SafeLives could work with you. 

“Looking back, the thing that really upset me is how the abuse impacted upon the children. As soon as my son came home from school he’d check on me and say, ‘Are you ok? Has he started on you today?’ My daughter spent most of her teenage years in her bedroom, hiding from what was going on.”

Victim of abuse