Is my service eligible?

Is your service ready to apply for Leading Lights? You will need to answer yes to most of the following questions to be eligible to apply.

Has your service been up and running for at least a year? 
We feel it takes services at least a year to be in a position to undertake the Leading Lights programme.  

Does your service have a committed manager with sufficient time to dedicate to their own training and the accreditation process? 
The work related to the Leading Lights programme takes time to complete. Although not all of the work involved in preparing for accreditation needs to be done by the manager, it's important that sufficient managerial time is set aside.

Does your service have a lead working at your governance or strategic level who is committed to the Leading Lights programme? 
This is crucial to the smooth running of the programme because managers will need to be supported to make any changes to the service that are necessary. 
Does your organisation systematically risk assess all referrals to the service? 
This is important, since the Leading Lights accreditation criteria are designed for services that provide a risk-led response.    

Does your service attend and participate in a local Marac (or is it involved in the process of establishing a Marac in the local area)? 
Effective domestic abuse services form part of a multi-agency response to victims of domestic abuse and contribute to strategic partnerships and multi-agency forums, including the Marac.    

Does your service regularly collect data? 
The regular collection of data provides a firm evidence base for reviewing practice.

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