What's included in Insights?

The Insights package is designed to ensure services get the highest quality data and support. Your service will receive:

  • Face-to-face data collection training for all practitioners involved in Insights, as well as ongoing helpdesk support
  • Data analysis and interpretation by SafeLives’ team of researchers, including regularly written reports providing accessible narrative, tables and graphs to accompany the data – plus presentations to your service and stakeholders
  • Best practice and positive outcomes highlighted from the data to help you evidence achievements to funders and commissioners, and celebrate successes with your team
  • Practice points from SafeLives’ Leading Lights and training teams to ensure data findings can be used to develop the service
  • Being part of the largest, live national dataset of domestic abuse cases, plus benchmarking against services similar to yours and historic data from your service – there are more 42,000 cases in the Insights dataset, and currently more than 40 organisation using the service
  • A dedicated data support officer to advise you, and clean and validate any data you send

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