What Insights means to services - in their own words

"We were involved in the pilot of the adult Insights service in 2009. I’ve seen that grow into a service which just wasn’t there before and which the sector really needs to inform the good commissioning of services.

"With SafeLives Children’s and Young People’s Insights data in particular, we now have the evidence base to show how we've helped children and young people. The tool is really useful for small organisations. It shows, in a way that we've never been able to before, the very real outcomes of the service we provide. By proving the value of what we do, the data also helped us secure five-year funding to roll out our service in the neighbouring areas."

Dee Conlon, deputy chief executive, Empowerment

“The data presentations from the SafeLives team at 6 and 12 months were a great way for the Idvas to see how the data they collect provides clear evidence of the excellent work they do and the positive effect this has on their clients. As a service manager, I've used the reports to demonstrate impact to our existing funders, and my plan is to use the data to attract additional funding to our organisation over the long term. We see Insights as an invaluable tool and have continued to use the service for a second year.” 

Ann Evans, service manager, Pontypridd Safety Unit

SafeLives Insights is really valuable to us as an organisation. In recent successful bids for funding we used the outcomes to show the value of our work more easily and the difference we make to our high-risk clients. We can show the effect that our work has on the safety of victims, their reduction in risk and improvements in their quality of life and confidence, which are outcomes our funders like to see. It is also really useful to see how we are doing compared to the national dataset, to see where we are doing well and if we need to make any changes to our service. SafeLives' support throughout the process has been seamless; it is great to be able to meet 1:1 to look through the data. Our staff now realise how useful the data is and how it can benefit us, so they don’t mind the extra form filling.

Gillian Carson, sustainability manager, Survive

SafeLives Insights has proved to be a valuable tool for us. It illustrates the worth of our service and shows how well it’s embedded into the community. It’s also given us an in-depth account of a service user’s journey so that we can identify any gaps in referrals and improve our responses. Additionally, the Insights report allows us to compare our local service provision with Idva work being carried out nationally.

Insights eliminates the difficulty with performance measurement that is widely acknowledged within domestic violence specialist services. It satisfies local and national reporting requirements by providing both qualitative outcomes relating to the safety and well-being of service users (including criminal and civil justice outcomes) as well as quantitative service outputs.

The presentation of the annual Insights report is a great opportunity for our Idva team to come together and celebrate their achievements over the past year.

Louise Thomas, Safer LBG, Guernsey

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