How does Insights work?

Insights makes use of Snap Surveys software for questionnaire design, hosting and data management and reporting. Questionnaires are designed using desktop software and then hosted online using the webhost function. Data submitted to the Webhost is downloaded and stored in the desktop software. Csv exports from this software are used to populate reporting templates built in Microsoft Excel.
Insights data is collected by the practitioners working directly with the client. We train the practitioners before they start using Insights and provide ongoing support and contract management from dedicated Account Manager from our Insights team.
“Over the years I have found this service excellent and if there are any issues or changes required for e.g. reports required by a certain date, SafeLives always strive to meet our requests.”
The practitioners complete an online form at intake and case closure, and the data comes directly to the SafeLives research team. We clean the data and check the figures to make sure it’s of the highest quality. At regular intervals we send data reports and detailed written reports to help you interpret and use the data. We also visit to present the data to you and your team.
“What the annual visit does is emphasis to the Idvas that the work they do is worthwhile and does help to change people's lives. Everyone is so busy keeping up with the demands of the day job there is no time to reflect - the visits raise morale.”
The practitioners will not need to ask clients about lots of additional pieces of information. Much of the data recorded on the forms will be collected by the practitioners in their risk assessment, needs assessment and safety planning work with their clients. Therefore the completion of the Insights forms themselves should not take more than 10-15 minutes for each case.
Data from all services using Insights is collected together to form the Insights national dataset. We use the national dataset to help services explore similarities and differences with other similar services. At SafeLives, we use the national dataset to understand ‘what works’ for victims of domestic abuse, to influence funders and decision-makers and shape future provision.
“…it clearly shows the worth of the service, which makes my life as a manager easier. In addition it compares our service with similar areas of the country, which according to last year’s report said we deal with many more complex cases, which again is really useful information for the LA”
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As part of this transitional period we are asking those that are using Insights or who have used Insights to complete the following questionnaire: Insights Consultation 2017

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