Training for outreach workers

We believe that all victims of domestic abuse deserve help to become safe, whatever their level of risk.

This is a brand new course for 2017. It’s ideal for domestic abuse specialists such as outreach workers and Idvas who want to strengthen the support they offer to victims of medium-risk domestic abuse.

The course covers essential knowledge and skills for working with victims as part of a risk-led approach, with a particular emphasis on longer term recovery and resilience.

As well as learning from SafeLives’ skilled trainers, you’ll hear from a range of experts in the field. You can expect to learn about:

  • The short and long term effects of domestic abuse, including the impact of adverse childhood experiences, mental health and responses to trauma
  • How to assess and engage clients at medium-risk of harm
  • Key skills and approaches for working with medium-risk victims, including care pathways, child contact and housing
  • How to build resilience with clients who’ve experienced domestic abuse, including the role of employment and education
  • Relevant legislation and how to apply it in practice
  • Effective ways of working with medium-risk clients, including group/peer support, strengths-based working and cognitive behavioural approaches.


If you're new to SafeLives training choose Foundation level

The first eight days of all of our foundation courses cover what we consider the core essentials for anyone working with victims of domestic abuse. The final four days focus on a specialist subject - in this case, working in an outreach capacity. 


Choose Expert level if you've completed a 12 day course with us before

Our expert level courses are designed for learners who have already attended foundation training in one subject and want to top up their knowledge by attending a shorter (four day) course in a new field. We will only accept individuals at expert level who have completed a foundation course with SafeLives.


Course information

Foundation Level (12 days)
Location: MSE Meeting Rooms, London
Price: Full fee: £2400, Reduced fee: £1950*

Complete the SafeLives foundation level training for outreach workers and receive Certificate in Domestic Abuse OCNLR Level 3


Expert level (4 days)
Dates and locations: to be announced
Price: Full fee: £795, Reduced fee: £550 (for registered charities with an annual income of less than £1m)

For learners who have already completed a SafeLives foundation (12 day) course. Complete two expert-level training courses and qualify for the diploma ‘Domestic abuse: prevention and early intervention’.

Applications are currently closed but provide us your details and we will keep you informed.


* For registered charities with an annual income of less than £1m. There are a limited number of reduced fee places available so early applications are advised.


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