It feels like Brexit is the only thing that this general election is about. But when two women a week die at the hands of their partners or ex-partners, and one in five children experience domestic abuse growing up, it’s time we focused on the issues which are ruining lives every day.

We want to see a domestic abuse bill return to Parliament with a commitment to a full statutory duty on local authorities so that vital domestic abuse services in the community are commissioned for all adult and child victims, as well as perpetrators of abuse.

We are calling on every candidate in this general election to commit to ensuring every single individual affected by domestic abuse can access the support they need, whilst perpetrators receive interventions to change their behaviour.

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What you can do as a voter:

If you agree that every adult and child victim deserves support that meets their needs, join our campaign and use your voice:  

1. Sign up to show your support

2. Share on Twitter and Facebook to spread the word

3. Tell your local candidates – use this list to see who is standing in your constituency

Stand out from the crowd and ask your local candidates how they are planning to #Invest2EndAbuse.

What you can do as a candidate:

We are calling on all candidates to commit to #Invest2EndAbuse. We would love it if you did the following:

1. Sign up to the pledge below

2. Take a photo of yourself holding our pledge card and post it on social media using the hashtag #Invest2EndAbuse.

3. Visit your local domestic abuse services during the campaign and listen to the voices of survivors

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Action for Children report:

Action for Children's report, released Thursday 21 November, into children's experiences of domestic abuse, shows that every day nearly 700 children in England are being identified as experiencing domestic abuse at home. The report also finds barriers to accessing support in two-thirds of local authorities, with more than one in ten offering no support services for children at all. This highlights the stark need to invest in domestic abuse specialist services that will support the whole family, children included. 

Read the full Action for Children report.

More on the #Invest2EndAbuse campaign:

Our 2019 Practitioner Survey found that adult and child victims face a postcode lottery in accessing specialist domestic abuse support.

• We are short of nearly 300 Idvas who are needed to support survivors who are at the most risk of serious harm or murder.

• For those victims and survivors who require early intervention or recovery support, outreach provision remains patchy and inconsistent.

• Specialist children’s support has been declining with evidence from Women’s Aid’s Annual Survey 2017 showing that the percentage of domestic abuse services providing dedicated support to children and young people fell from 62% in 2010 to 52% in 2017.

• Young people experience some of the highest rates of domestic abuse, at high levels of severity. Despite this, almost one in five police force areas have no specialist support for young people experiencing domestic abuse.

• Fewer than 1% of perpetrators receive an intervention to change their behaviour.

We're calling on every candidate in this election to support the provision of the full range of domestic abuse support services – for adult, teen and child victims and for perpetrators of abuse.

The Government recently proposed giving local authorities in England a duty to provide accommodation-based support. The plan was to include this in the Domestic Abuse Bill, which we lost following the general election. We urge the next UK government to bring back strengthened legislation on domestic abuse and ensure that both accommodation-based and community-based services, like therapeutic specialist counselling, are provided and properly funded across the country.

The Government’s own figures show that domestic abuse costs society £66bn a year – it is imperative that frontline services are sufficiently resourced to provide the full range of services that victims and their families need to get safe and well.

We are so grateful to the hundreds of candidates that have signed the #Invest2EndAbuse pledge. See who they are here.